Adults, college students and high school students (16+) who want to develop a personal relationship with the Quran and enrich their prayer through knowledge of Arabic. Students of any background or faith are welcome to join the program.

What are the pre-reqs?

The pre-requisite for entrance into the Quranic Arabic Level 1 course is the ability to read and, to a lesser extent, write the Arabic script. Students who are not comfortable with this are invited to take Fawakih's Introduction to Arabic course, which will be offered during the program. Not sure if you fulfill the prerequisite? Email us at info@fawakih.com.


All students are required to take Fawakih's Placement Exams before November 15th. These exams, along with the biographical background provided during registration will be used to tentatively place students. After students have sat through their first class, they can assess the appropriateness of the placement and speak with their instructor if they have any concern. Placement Exams can be found HERE (all students must take both the beginner and intermediate placement exams).

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program can be found on the Dates & Fees page. Financial aid may be available based on student need. Any inquiries for financial aid should be made via the Contact Us form on the Dates & Fees page.

how is housing arranged?

Fawakih will have separate houses designated for males and females. Special accommodations can be made for couples to stay together, if space is available. All inquiries about housing should be directed to the housing director at housing@fawakih.com.

Are kids under 16 years old allowed?

Unfortunately, our program does not have accommodate kids under the age of 16 and they are not allowed at the program. If you have any concern about this, please email info@fawakih.com.